ESEE 5 Survival Sheath - Foliage Green


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This Hard-Core Sheath is made by hand in our Seattle workshop for the sharpened pry-bar also known as the ESEE 5.

Crafted from USA-sourced Kydex, this custom-fitted and smooth-edged sheath is formed specifically to house and safely retain the ESEE 5 in any conceivable carry mode or direction.

So, whether it's the Biblical Apocalypse or some car camping, or BOTH, you'll have the gear to face whatever the day throws at you.


• Hand-made Leather/Kydex Belt Loop. The Kydex back-plate is drilled in the same pattern as the Sheath, and is designed to work for either left or right-hand carry. A heavy-duty leather strap has been dyed black and bolted to the back-plate, and will fit up to a 3” belt or strap.

• The ESEE accessory pouch is bolted to the front of the sheath with 4 screws/posts and a ranger band to securely tighten the sheath and pocket together. The pouch will hold either the provided tin or a regular Altoids-type tin, as well as any other gear you can fit into the pocket. You can find many other uses for the pouch by threading paracord through the grommet holes and lashing it to your other gear or packs. Made in the USA.

• Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, the legendary Swedish Army FireSteel® is the original magnesium fire starter. Works equally well when wet or dry. Produces approx. 12,000 2,980°C (5,400°F) degree sparks. Includes a loop holder that bolts to the main sheath.

The knife is NOT included.

This sheath is finished and ready to ship.

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