We have been so blessed with business this last year. In 2014, we... November 01 2015

We have been so blessed with business this last year. In 2014, we quadrupled the number of sales we had in 2013. In 2015, we tripled those numbers again, and the numbers keep going up. That is a great problem to have, if you’re a small business. Crap, if you’re a big business, that’s pretty awesome (hi Jeff Bezos :)

The crappy side of that for us has been that we’ve been drowning in the success, and haven’t been able to speed things up around here. For example, we have the same number of people making sheaths, shipping them out, and doing customer service and marketing as we did at the beginning of the year, even though the number of orders keeps going up.

The really crappy thing is that goes back onto the ones who have helped us grow this business; YOU. You, if you’re reading this, may have been adversely affected by how we have, at times, mishandled our success.

I HATE bad customer service; there’s no good reason for it, it just sucks. I am ashamed to admit that we have provided bad service at times. That ends now. I am temporarily shutting the doors on Apocalypse Gear. We’ve got a ton of orders to work through, and we are sending them out every day. I don’t want us to take in more until we restructure a bit.

If you are waiting for an order, please reach out, and I will be happy to tell you where it is, and what’s going on with it, and when you’re gonna get it. WE ARE NOT QUITTING. Just taking a breath.

This is not goodbye.


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