packconfig: Submission: Piotr Ma, contributor of Motus World... July 30 2014


Submission: Piotr Ma, contributor of Motus World

Please, before you do anything, view these images as fullscreen as you can (click on the image from our website). Each of these images is like a work of art. These two configurations are both wonderfully simple and highly practical. Here’s what Piotr has to say about them:

01 & 02 Hill People Gear (HPG) Tarahumara in my biking setup:
• Shirt for me and my son
 Rolled rain jackets for me (possibly a Stealth?) and my kid
• 1L Source hydration bladder 
• Local map (in the flat back pocket)
• Tactical Nessmuk #001 by Bill Harsey (it was my idea and Bill finally, after 2 years, made it for me)
• Nalgene bottle for my son
(used also as container to pick some berries on the way through the woods)
• ITS Tallboy FAK

03 GORUCK Hydration Bullet 10L
ITS Tallboy FAK
• Harsey Tactical Nessmukk

I come across Hill People Gear packs and ITS Tactical pouches a lot. Countless respectable experts in their fields rely on these very items so they are well worth picking up. I love Piotr’s combination of the HPG Foliage Grey/Green, the Grey of his jacket and the bright red of that amazing Motus Dagger patch (hopefully available soon). Combined with the red patch, the two shades of coyote colour in the third image actually looks pretty cool.

I love Peter’s setup, because it just screams ADVENTURE. I especially love that Peter constantly references his son in this. This is fantastic, because he’s raising a part of a new generation that is not only comfortable in the wilderness, but -most importantly - knows what to do while he’s there.