At Apocalypse Gear, we all have a deep love for adventure that goes back as far as we can remember. Going camping, building forts, hunting, fighting epic battles in the woods in the middle of the night; we all lived for adventure. We love the gear, too, and we’re always on the lookout for something that will help build the ‘perfect’ kit, but what stands out to us is not the stuff itself, but what lies behind it.


We might be going for a day hike, or a long backpacking trip. We might be heading into battle, or assisting in a rescue mission. Whether it’s a day at the park with the kids, or World War Z, we want the best gear we can get to face whatever the day brings. We make what we love and what we need in our Seattle workshop, by hand, and we are proud to offer what we feel is the very best gear you can get.